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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *





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A professional voice over voice actor well-versed with the art of voice acting can render superlative voice-overs for marketing, entertaining, educating or informing, and narrating. Our voice over rates begin at just $25 per minute. For a complimentary quotation, phone us at 1-800-230-7918. Professional VO companies recruit the best voice over actors who offer a variety of accents, languages, genres, and industry-specific prowess. Even without subject-matter expertise, a seasoned voice over voice actor can research unfamiliar and new terminologies for proper pronunciation and camouflage vocal effects like tone, voice volume, pitch, and pace in line with purposes and audiences.

The best voice over actors exquisitely fuse rich texts with a broad range of vocal effects, visual and audio elements, interactive skills and audience expertise to create immaculate, coherent and forceful voice-overs. Voice-acting for commercials, animated films, documentaries, audiobooks, phone IVR, online videos and others calls on voice artists to sprout characters to life, keep them active and connect their oomph to the voice. Some voice-overs like video games pose difficulties as the voice artist requires several rounds of rehearsing and flawless articulation for clarity and easier understanding.

Experienced Commercial Voice Over Actors

With the digital media arms race amongst businesses, videos have emerged as a critical toolkit in marketing. Apart from the cut-throat competition emblematic in all lines of commerce, the inundation of ads online and on air has made it harder for marketers to induce the modern consumer.

Accordingly, your ads footage should be voice cast by specialist commercial voice over actors who piggyback to fill missing lines, producing a pristine and persuasive message. Unlike other genres of voice-over, commercial voice acting entails the voice artist to convey a feeling of objective truth, bring out the nitty-gritty clearly and command a cohesive voice throughout the whole piece. In the same vein, consumers expect your business always to appear smart and decorous. You can entrust cheap voice actors vetted by a specializing agency to steer clear of errors or shoddy voice-overs. Professional voice over artists with a knack for pitch messages will strike the delicate balance between crispness and professionalism bringing out the fluidity of the scripted text and originality.

Cross-gender voice acting can give your business a leading edge as female voice actors differ with male voice actors in terms of tone and audience reaction. It’s now trite on the advertising landscape; female voices tend to be highly persuasive and welcoming while the male voices sound punchy. Your commercial voice-over requires clarity, zeal, emotional bond with the message, and a firm grasp of the subject and voice qualities to throw others in the shade. Before choosing female voice actors or male voice actors, you need to appraise demographics, target audience and end user of touted products or services.

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