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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *





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Professional Voice Over Services in Pittsburgh by Skilled Professionals

Vanan Voice Over delivers unrivalled voice over services at $25/min in Pittsburgh to individuals and businesses. Reach out at 1-800-230-7918 for a free and quick estimate. We have been in the industry for quite a long time and can deliver the best voice over services in Pittsburgh in over 100 languages. We provide accurate services that perfectly align with the content and characters. 

Voice-over can be quite challenging. In order to ensure that the intended message is clearly communicated to the audience, the right tone and style matter. The selection of the right voice actors can help in enhancing the effectiveness of videos.

We, at Vanan Voice Over, excel in providing professional voice over services in Pittsburgh. We make sure that the voice matches the video content perfectly and conveys the message clearly to the audience.

Partner with Our Experts to Get Quality Voice Over Services

At Vanan Voice Over, we have qualified voice actors in our team. Our professional experts have years of experience and expertise in the domain and are familiar with the nuances of voice-over. We understand the complex aspects of the different roles very well.

We work with the clients closely in order to gain insights into their exact requirements. We focus on delivering online voice over services with optimum precision and creativity. Our core aim is to capture the attention of the listeners, stir their emotions, and enable them to connect with the videos better.

A Young Voice-Over Artist Recording Their Voice with Microphone

Opt for Our Voice Over Services Ideal for All Businesses in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh house a number of reputed companies like The Kraft Heinz Company, UPMC, and The PNC Financial Services Group. Businesses in Pittsburgh require translation and voice over services when launching a new ad or product trailer. We, at Vanan Voice Over, can provide quality commercial voice over services to business clients.

We understand the significance of delivering the commercial message in a convincing tone. Our voice actors properly understand the meaning of the message and deliver it according to the specific requirements of the business.

We ensure that the voice is clear and attractive in order to persuade the target customers of the business. We assist businesses to reach out to more customers effectively and expand successfully in the global market. We help in improving the sales of the businesses and enabling them to enhance their ROI.

High-Quality Animated Voice Over Services That Engage the Audience

If you are looking for the best animation voice over services, Vanan Voice Over can be the perfect choice for you. We are proficient in delivering creative services for different animated video content. Our voice artists know exactly how to make a character come alive.

Entertaining the kids is no easy task. Our voice actors put in their best efforts in order to add liveliness to the characters and portray the emotions effortlessly. We help children to easily connect with the animated videos and gain an immersive experience.

A Voice-Over Artist Recording Their Voice with Microphone in the Studio

Accurate Audiobooks Voice Over Services for the Active Listeners

The advancement in technology has resulted in the increase in the popularity of audiobooks in Pittsburgh. Vanan Voice Over offers professional voice over recording services for audiobooks. We help in making the diverse stories come alive.

Our main focus is to ensure that the readers are connected to the story effectively. With the right tone of delivery and correct pitch, we add an emotional touch to the stories and make them more interesting for the listeners. We leave no stone unturned to keep the audiobook readers engaged with the story.

Top-Class Educational Voice Over Services for E-learning Platforms

Pittsburgh has a number of top-rated colleges and universities like the University of Pittsburgh, Carlow University, and Carnegie Mellon University. With the increase in the e-Learning platforms, a number of educational videos are being made available to the students. In order to engage the students with the educational videos, quality voice-over matters.

At Vanan Voice Over, we provide e-learning voice over services to educational institutions. Our voice-over actors ensure to maintain a concise tone and deliver the educational content in the most interesting way possible. We aim to make learning more fun for the students.

A Women Doing Voice-Over in the Studio

We offer our voice-over services in Pittsburgh to colleges, schools, universities, and even training institutes. We provide our voice-over services for different teaching modules.

Standard Voice Over Services in Pittsburgh in over 100 Languages

Pittsburgh is home to people of different backgrounds and cultures. In addition to English, the languages spoken in Pittsburgh are Chinese, Spanish, and Nepali. Vanan Voice Over is a leading provider of multilingual voice over services in Pittsburgh.

Whether you are looking for Spanish voice over services or French voice-over services, we are a one-stop platform for you. We can provide voice-over services in languages like German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more. Irrespective of the language in which you require the voice-over, our native voice-over artists can provide you with the best.

Affordable Voice Over Services in Pittsburgh That Fit Your Budget

We provide affordable voice over services in Pittsburgh and ensure that all clients are able to access our services easily. Our budget-friendly pricing makes us a popular choice among the businesses in Pittsburgh.

We ensure delivering top-notch services at cost-effective prices. We do not compromise on the quality in any manner.

Professional Voice Over Services FAQ

    1.What are voice-over services?

    Voice-over services involve providing the voice for a script or video.

    2.How do I find a voice-over artist?

    You can do your research in order to find the best voice-over artists. We, at Vanan Voice Over, have professional voice-over artists who can provide you with exceptional quality services.

    3.How do you charge for voice-over work?

    Vanan Voice Over provides quality voice-over services at affordable rates. Our price will differ on the basis of the type of content, project size, and the target language.